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"The Music Librarian"

Justin "H3avy" Palmer


From birth, music has been my everything. In my household the record player would be on constant rotation from sun up to sun down or till it was time to lay your head down. We would play reggae, blue, afro, r&b, soul and my favourite of all, funk and boogie. Every song and album played carried with it a lesson learned; who produced what, who played with whom, who inspired whom. Class was always in session. I see DJing as more than music, it is the transfer of information with emotional and creative context


As far as my musical background; I have sung in professional choirs for 10 years, I am opera trained, I went to an art school (Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts) for music-vocals and I graduated from Recording Arts Canada for Audio Engineering and Sound Design. I have 5 years of experience fronting for bands and 6 years of DJing.


I have a very intimate relationship with my catalogue of records as I have been playing them since I was a child. My formula has been well developed to put some move in your groove!

J A. Palmer

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